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Consults at Lies Ameeuw


Lies is a senior teacher and director of the School of Ayurveda.
Lies Ameeuw is an Ayurvedic therapist. Her studies were supplemented by countless internships in India, both in the north and in the south, giving her ample experience and a broad knowledge of Ayurveda and Indian spices and preparations.
From now on you can also turn to Lies for consults. The consults at Lies are always held in Diksmuide. To schedule an appointment, you can email Jill at or directly to Lies at


During an appointment, I determine the constitution, the disturbed state, level of disturbance through pulse diagnosis, questioning and observation.
My advice is mainly in the field of nutrition, herbs, massage. Also with Panchakarma I have a lot of experience and I can give good advice, whether it is an added value in your case or not.
I have always given a lot of importance to Body mind well-being, which is also the main goal of Ayurveda.
In addition, I studied grief processing, trauma work and setup work and integrate that into my consultations.

A consultation takes approximately 2 hours.
Price? € 100 cash only
Address consultations? Juul De Windestraat 2, 8600 Diksmuide
Make an appointment? Send your preferred day to Jill via and we will schedule an appointment for you.