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Basti and enema

Ayurveda has a long tradition of administrating enemas. Basti is an aspect of the Panchakarma which is also applied independent of the Panchakarma procedure. They are written in the Characa Samhita.
Nirooha basti or Asthaapana basti are based on a combination of extracts, herb paste, honey, etc... depending on the recipe.
The Anusvaasana basti, the big oil basti or the Matra basti, the small oil basti are both alternated or combined the same day.
The goal of basti's is the decrease vata. 
Everyone who has some experience with Ayurveda knows, how amazing efficient they are.

This weekend Dr Prahima explains the procedure of this therapy, the making of the Nirooha basti, and the application of basti's.
Again a lot of pathology, the right choice and application of the basti.

Accreditation with the KTNO is in application

Practical information

When? 17th & 18th of November
Who? Dr. Prathima Nagesh, MD in Ayurveda, regular teacher in the school of Ayurveda
Where? School van Ayurveda | Molenaarsstraat 111-45, 9000 Gent
Language? comprehendable English
Price? € 250 | including recipes,  syllabus & products during the course & a packege of products for your practice
Receive 40 % discount as Flemish enterpreneur with the kmo-portefeuille.
Enroll? Confirm your participation with a mail to Your participation is definite when we receive the payment on the account number BE25 7380 0812 4982. Please mention "your name + basti and enema" as communication.