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2-day course Obesity & Ayurveda with Dr. Shubanghee

Obesity or overweight is a not to be underestimated condition. It is one of the diseases of the 21st century that brings the necessary complications. Ayurveda has different methods for weight loss.

Dr. Shubanghee, from Mumbai, India, is coming to the School of Ayurveda to give all students a 2-day course on this subject.

Content course

Obesity & ayurveda, it seems simple and inexpensive, yet it is a subject that is deeply explored within ayurveda. Overweight is one of the 8 undesirable conditions. Obesity is precisely the one that is most life threatening or it can at least  cause a lot of complications.

During the 2-day course we learn the following:

• What is an ideal weight according to Ayurveda?

• What is the pathology of overweight according to Ayurveda?

• How does obesity appear within 6 levels of disease?

• How is the development of this disease and how are the doshas and the dhatus (tissues) disturbed?

• Nutrition and lifestyle according to Ayurveda

• We learn 10 different recommended herbs and formulas with their scientific reference in the treatment of overweight.

• Treatment techniques of obesity with various pancha karma techniques, recommended oils and herbs.

• In addition, we see the converging conditions and complications of what overweight entails and its treatments.
Example: Thyroid disorders, menopause, anemia, fertility, hormonal complaints and heart disease.

• Recommended yoga asanas that are specifically aimed at overweight.

This course is accesable for everyone and is given in English.

Practical informaton

Teacher? Dr. Shubanghee | Ayurvedic doctor from Mumbai, India
When? Saturday the 23d & Sunday the 24th of  February 2019 | 10:00 to 17:00
Where? St. Vincentius | Brandweerstraat 4, 9000 Gent
Price? € 250 | including syllabus, vegetarian meal, tea and coffee
Register? Send a mail to Jill at with your confirmation of participation. Your registration is definite when we receive the participation fee on the account BE25 7380 0812 4982.