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Pindasweda – Navara kizzi – Ayurvedic herb stamps

Ayurvedic herbstamps are generally intented to induce internal sweating and release deep-seated dosha increases in the body.

Depending of the recipe and the product where they are heated in, you can also have more symptomatic effects. Some are more cleansing, other more nourishing.
Some are more intented for muscles, others for bones, with pain, swelling, stiffness... Others for the recovery of the nerve system, obecity, underweight, rejuvenation, vitality...

There are with dry herbs, fresh herbs, fresh lemons, white rice, red rice, Nava rice,... Kerala (Southern India) has hundreds different fillings for these bundles.

These herb bundles, are depending of there cause, warmed in milk, oil, steamed,...

The 2 day course is mainly theoritical, depth of different kinds of herb bundles, the preparations, recipes, ready made Ayurvedan products, there power to heal and there applications. A minimum of practice, a maximum of pathology.

Practical information

When? to be determined
Who? Dr. Prathima Nagesh, MD in Ayurveda, regular teacher in the school of Ayurveda
Where? School van Ayurveda | Molenaarsstraat 111-45, 9000 Gent
Language? comprehendable Englisch
Price? € 250 | including recipes,  syllabus & products during the course & a packege of products for your practice
Receive 40 % discount as Flemish enterpreneur with the kmo-portefeuille.
Enroll? Confirm your participation with a mail to Your participation is definite when we receive the payment on the account number BE25 7380 0812 4982. Please mention "your name + pinda sweda" as communication.