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Lecture| Auto immunity

Immunity is our self healing mechanism. Thanks to our immunity, we stay healthy and our wounds heal.
Auto-immunity starts to exist when the body can't recognize the difference between own body cells and strange cells. Because it doesn't have the possibility to recognize the difference, the body will make antibodies against its own celles. This results in serious chronical disorders.

Major auto immunity disorders are: inflamatory rheamatism, lupus, auto immune hepatitis, Addison disease, diabetes type 1, Crohn's disease, colitis ulcerosa,...

Content of the lecture:

What is the concept of immunity in Ayurveda?
Why does immunity fail according to Ayurveda?
Why does immunity attack its own system?
What are the aids, through nutrition, herbs, massage and panchakarma?

This lecture is accessable for people whom are intrested in the therapeutic possibilities of Ayurveda in chronic disorders. Also for Ayurveda lovers, whom are interested in taking an Ayurveda course, therapists, herborists, dietician, nurses, doctors, homeopaths,... in short for everyone who's interested in natural cures.
And of course for people whom are coping with auto immunity disorders.

Practical information: will follow