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Lezing | Autisme begrijpen & behandelen vanuit Ayurveda

Autism is a serious problem of this age. Following the beautiful lecture about autism of Dr Prasad from India, I'm convinced that autism can be treated with Ayurveda. Because I know what sadness it brings to parents with autistic childres, I'm lecturing about the subject myself. The message cannot be spread enough.

Content of the lecture

What is autism in Ayurveda?
What are the classical Ayurvedan treatments?
Where is the focus of Dr Prasad, who has years of experience with autism?
How does the mind work?
What is disrupted with autism?
What is the relationship with the body, the digestion and immunity?
What is right nutrition for autistic people?
What can Ayurveda offer with herbs, massage and panchakarma?
What can you do as parent for your child?

This lecture is not only for therapists, but for everyone who has contact with autism.

It is a therapeutical lecture, but accessible for everyone.

Practical information: will follow