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Lecture | Ayurveda & the bowels

The bowels are the most precious part of our body according to Ayurveda

The quality of the bowels determine the absorption of nutrition. A good nutrition and the intake provide fysical strenght, health, immunity.

Less known but equally important is that the bowels make sure we sleep well and have good mental health...
A healthy bowel keeps our vata under control. It's the dosha of dehydration and unrest.

Content of the lecture

The importance of a healthy bowel
The ideal nutrition for our bowels
We will discuss bowel disorders and how we can treat them with nutrition, spices and herbs.4

This is a therapeutical lecture but very accessible for therapists, people with bowel problems and people whoms health is central in life.

You'll get a greater insight in how the bowel work and how to make them work better. The bowels bring a better quality of life and happiness in life, according to Ayurveda.

Practical information: will follow