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Lecture | Every child desires security

Being a child in India, can be very different, the Gods are capricious.
What are the ideals in India, called "Bharata", in life?
What does Ayurveda, the ancient study in health for body and mind, say about the education of children?
How does the Indian school system work?
What is the caste system?
What is the influence of the caste system in the education of Indian children?
What is the reality in the land of old filosophical traditions and the people who know so well?

Rich children are prepared to conquer the world and get a well paid job in the West.
Children who are a little less fortunate, just go to school and get to live a good life in India.
But for the really poor children, there is no school, and sometimes even being a child isn't a possibility. Some parents can't of won't take care of their own children. Some of these children go to an orphanage. 

This is a story, not for a sensitive audience

The cause of these problems are cultural abuses, taboes and hypocrisy. What are the consequenses for the quality of life for these children, what are the chances they'll make it? What can we, in the West, learn from this?

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