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In Ayurveda Neurological disorders can be described mainly in the context of Vatavyadhi ( Vata disorders), since the Vata dosha is responsible for the normal functions of the nervous system.

There are some neurological disorders which are seen due to the imbalance of the Vata dosha alone; where as there are other neurological disorders , in which , along with Vata dosha , the other dosha can also be imbalanced .  With the involvement of only one dosha , the management is easier as compared to the condition where more dosha are involved .

Research shows that so many incurable neurological problems can be successfully treated by Ayurvedic products and Panchakarma therapies.

In this weekend, the following neurological disorders would be discussed:

1) Parkinsonism
2) Alzheimer’s disease
3) Paralysis
4) Multiple sclerosis

Practical information

When? 30 november en 1 december |  10u tot 17u
Where? School van Ayurveda, campus Sint-Vincentius | Brandweerstraat 4 te Gent
Teacher? Doctor Shubhangee.
Language? well comprehendable Englisch
Price? €285 per weekend

Register?  Mail Jill at Your registration is final when we receive your registration mail and the registration fee on the account BE25 7380 0812 4982. Please mention your name in the communication.