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School of Ayurveda in cooperation with Ashtamgam, an Indian Ayurvedic institute in Kerala, South India.

The school of Ayurveda is going to cooperate with Ashtamgam, a new institute for Ayurveda that is based in Kerala, South India.
By doing this we can integrate the authentic, ageold Ayurvedic knowledge even better with modern technologies and science.
Because the modern world demands a medical science that connects with today's needs.
Ashtamgam is founded by members of families who originate from divers Ayurvedic traditions. Together they had one wish, preserving and passing on the authentic ancient Ayurvedic knowledge. At the same time they want to translate this knowledge to modern times.

Ayurveda is inseparably connected with Indian's culture. The original naam of India, Bharata refers to that.

'Bha' is for the experience of the five sences. 'Ra' is for the connection with different life rythms. 'Ta' means "self realization". These elements form the core of the Ayurvedic ideas.

For centuries this knowledge has been passed on by old, wise men to students and this system, the Gurukala, is still practiced in Ashtamgam. Students follow a teacher and learn the knowlegde and skills which are needed to practice Ayurveda. Next to that, Ashtamgam pays a lot of attention to traditions in Indian culture. Passing on authentic knowledge, skill and respect for these ancient values are central.

At the same time this ancient knowledge goes hand in hand with modern science and with that Ashtamgam goes perfectly together with what I want to achieve with the School of Ayurveda. By having this initiative we can place Ayurveda in a contemperary context and offer health care which is based on knowlegde that has proven itself for many centuries on the hand, and fits perfect in modern times on the other hand.

I experience this cooperation as a gift for me, my students en my present and future clients.
With this initiative Ashtamgam and the School of Ayurveda take a big step in the direction what Ayurveda stands for:

Lokah samastuh sukhino bhavantu
"May all creatures everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life by any means contribute to that freedom for all"