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Lecture | Ayurveda for seniors

Secrets of the Rasayana, the Ayurvedan study of rejuvenation.

Ayurveda is not only known as the knowlegde of life, but also of the long life. The long life, the high quality life, the consious life.

What are the general principals of Ayurveda to slow down the aging process? What is the essention of Rasayana, that exceptionnel study?

We'll also look into the classic complaints of aging: digestion, joints, auto immunity, memory, heart, prostate and the eyes. We'll talk about nutrition, spices, herbs and massage.

We offer a syllabus, with all the used herbs and important information.

Practical information

When? information will follow
Where? School of Ayurveda | Brandweerstraat 4, 9000 Gent
Price? € 15 | drinks and snacks includes
Enroll? Confirm your participation by sending a mail to Your application will be definite after we receive the payment on our bank account BE25 7380 0812 4982. Please menstion your name + lecture for seniors.