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Trauma & Ayurveda

Trauma comes from overwhelming experiences, loss of loved one, loveless handlings of others, desires which were never able to come true and so much more. The effect of trauma shows itself especially in worse quality of life, not being able to participate in life to the full. People with a trauma go (partially) in survival mode.

Content of the lecture

In this lecture we look at the theme trauma: What is trauma? How does it begin? What are the effects & how can you recognize trauma? What is post traumatic stress? What is life & what is survival? What is the difference between mourning & trauma? What is resilience? How does Ayurveda understand trauma & post traumatic stress?

Psychiatry has been known by Ayurveda for thousands of years. It describes a clear process of the beginnen of different psychiatric affections. What are the resemblences and differences between the Ayurvedan and Western vision about trauma? How does Ayurveda treat trauma, the mild and more serious form? What is the contribution of Ayurveda for your resilience and your recovery? Does spiruality have an added value in the recovery of trauma?

There are 3 levels of healing in Ayurveda. They rest on only one model, the dosha for theory. The Kaya chikitsa for physical, The Satvaja for the emotional and the Daiva Vyasprasraya for the spiritual. We'll discuss the posibilities on each of these levels.


Practical information : will follow